Carlie on Snoopy (Rafter B Super X) during the national anthem

Lex showing Carlie's Rodeo

Lex showing in the Bull Class

Carlie showing Snoopy (Rafter B Super X) in the Steer Class

Lex, Carlie, and Judy with their Grand Champion Haltered Cow

Carlie and Snoopy (Rafter B Super X)

Carlie training Snoopy (Rafter B Super X)

Toby...look at those horns!

Lex's Shadow

Toby, Ez, and Lex's Shadow

Boise, Idaho

Boyd and Lex with Soapy in Twin Falls, Idaho

Boyd and son, Chris, with Boyd's 2nd place Wyoming whitetail

Carlie and Carlie's Rodeo in Montana

Carlie with Rodeo Star

Cory feeding Lex's Shadow

Boyd with Lex's Shadow

Lex in the Pee Wee class with Jack, 1st place!


Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

Montana Show

Buckles won at Idaho longhorn show

Hosting the Fun Day show for the Great Basin Texas Longhorn Association at our place.

View from the Great Basin Texas Longhorn Association Fun Day show at our house.

Judy and Amy in Boise, Idaho

Wyoming State Fair, 2009
Grand Champion Haltered Female

2008 Horn Showcase
Total Horn Class Champion

Carlie showing Carlie's Rode

Lex and Carlie at Twin Falls County Fair 2019